Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ghostrain 3000 is back On the charts!

such great news
Ghostrain 3000 (that's me) had charted on Kamloops college radio as record 9 of 30 in all albums played for early october. And is 2 of 10 in the roots album section!

In 2006 I released my second album "let the record show". I sent it to roughly 20 college radio stations. I can't tell you how many stations played it (likely all of them since it's what they do and college radio is very good about playing music they're sent) but I do know that album charted here and there and also since I registered all my music with SOCAN (the Canadian music copyright association {not the right name}) I even got paid some royalties. What's insane is that in 2015 I was still receiving some royalties from my 2006 album and was actually one of the reasons I got back into music.

I didnt know it at the time the time but I would eventually make a few hundred dollars in royalty payments for that 2006 album from college radio play alone.
Recently, i sent out one promo cd for my latest album "the longest moment is now". I just got an automatic email in October that I'm charting in Kamloops. I couldn't have received better news.
That same day I was having an argument with my client about some work mumbo jumbo, I was on day 33 of 36 of not drinking, I stubbed my toe, I felt generally down. So the charting news made me feel like life wasn't all bad!

I reached out to the radio station to see if they would like some GT 3000 swag because I'll be in Kamloops in a couple weeks to visit my youngest brothers new baby boy (!). Hopefully they respond and maybe I can get them some CDs, stickers and a t-shirt to give away heck maybe I can get an interview. I will contemplate what value I can provide the radio station... I'll think it over and post about it tomorrow.

"Winter always gives in to spring."

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