Monday, November 19, 2018

A Different Kind of Album Experience

In my experience a different kind of album has to start with interesting music, augmented by compelling visuals and live in the form of a fun physical object.

I love the physical manifestation of music in the form of albums, tapes, or creative types of merch. I silk screened all of my 2007 cd packages and discs with silver and transparent white paint on black for a cool collectible package. I also did posters the same way. It all turned out really cool and I sold a bunch more than expected, it even sold in different parts of the world (some still available here).

For my 2016 album I did 5 clear, lathe cut 12 inch vinyl albums and hand drew the covers. (I have one left for $1000.00 if your interested).

This time around I wanted to add a booklet so I actually started drawing comics to the songs. I also found a better lathe cut vinyl shop called Little Elephant. They do stereo lathe cut on heavy vinyl at high rpms. That all adds up to better quality sound. Oh, and their prices were a bit better.
So I have a few things to offer in 2019-

"The High Place" Vinyl plus Comic.

10 Copies.
I've got 10 copies of stereo lathe cut vinyl of "The High Place". It's 24 minutes of 7 songs, on 12 inch, black vinyl, 180 grams at 45 rpm. Comes with a full color, 100 panel comic book insert, the digital music codes for downloading and streaming and some dope stickers. Oh, and a custom, hand drawn cover to boot. Available 2019 - order now.
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THP Vinyl/Comics Set MOCK UP - 12 x 12 inches

"The High Place" Book.

The 100 panel comic fits into a sweet 40 page book. I put in a section about the process of making the music and the making of the comic. I include concept sketches, outtake panels and inspirational sources. This book comes with the digital music codes for downloading and streaming and some dope stickers. Custom, hand drawn cover. Available 2019 - order now.
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THP Book MOCK UP - 8.5 x 8.5 inches

$7.00 each (or all 4 for $25.00)

a. "The High Place" Mini-Comic.
b. "Impulse Control" Mini-Comic.
c. "Give it All You Got" Mini-Comic.
d. "Undercover Drunkard" Mini-Comic.

Handmade to Order.
I released four singles from this album, each one has it's own 24 panel mini-comic. I printed each mini-comic in a coaster sized booklet format with a large panel per page to make the art pop. Each mini-comic is 32 pages and is accompanied by it's song (digital download code), dope stickers. And of course, with unique hand drawn cover. Available 2019 - order now.
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THP Mini-Comic - 4.5 x 4.5 inches
One Panel per page plus "the making of" article in the back.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

One Vinyl Copy Left of "The Longest Moment is Now" $1000.00

This is the last available vinyl copy of "The Longest Moment is Now" (of the 5 diamond cut, vinyl copies I made in 2017). Each of the 5 copies are covered with unique, custom, hand drawn art. This final copy has the roiling waves, a holy mountain and a bird of prey in a cloudy sky.

The album cover and record are separately dry mounted so there's no tape or glue used to mount it in the picture frames. So if you would rather it sit on your record shelf it's in perfect condition.

Because the vinyl is diamond cut and not pressed it has a slightly different sound. I would say a warmer tone. If you're serious about picking up this one of a kind album and are interested to hear a recording of this diamond cut record, I will gladly send you that recording.

I'm willing to let my personal copy go for $1000.

Thanks very much for your interest. Contact me at:

Includes unlimited streaming of The Longest Moment is Now via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.