Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ideas About the Live Shows

So, once the album is sent out, is playing on college radio, maybe gets a review or two, launched digitally on itunes etc. then it's time to do some live shows. I figure this'll be around late September, Oct, and Nov.

I don't want to just play the bar scene. I already did that for years. I'm not saying I'm going to do stadiums, I'm saying I want to do something more unique. There are a number of breweries that just opened up in my hood. I've approached them and they seem interested.

I want the live shows to be more than just a guy and his guitar. So I will get a drummer and another musician, but it has to be more than that. I do have a projector and will make trippy video as a backdrop, but it has to be more than that. Fog machine? Yes. But more...

I heard about PT Barnum and the circus world and how they used to promote their events when entering a new town. Sometimes they would parade the animals through the town. Other times they would do weird stuff. Like one time PT Barnum's boss at the time told him to dress up as old man. He did. Then he sent him to the town to hang out at the park or some place crowded. Then people who had heard rumors (from PT Barnum's boss I imagine) thought that the "old man" was some criminal on the loose or the like. The people chased him down to discover it was PT. The negative event still charged people up to see the circus. They were too curious to stay away.

Now I don't need to create a scandal but I have some ideas that I'll unravel around my show dates.  I'll post here. Be sure to sign up via email or RSS to get the inside scoop as I concoct the master plan ;)

And hey if you have any suggestions, feel free to lemme know. thanks!

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